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Modern slavery: Sudanese activist tells her story

Ask Mende Nazer what it was like to live as a slave for eight years, and she may not be able to tell you. “It is all about feeling. You feel slavery, but there are no words that you can say about it.” Nazer was about 12 when her rural village in Sudan was raided during the country’s prolonged Second Civil War. She was taken by Arab slave traders to Khartoum, where she endured years of physical abuse and hard labour. [...]

Author memorializes Birchtown

Gloria Ann Wesley can trace her ancestry to the first all-black settlement in Nova Scotia: Birchtown. Founded in 1783 by black Loyalists fleeing slavery in the U.S., Birchtown had a population of 2,500, making it the largest black settlement in North America. Wesley, who has written novels about the people who settled Birchtown, gave a lecture this week as part of African Heritage Month. [...]

Celebrate love at the Mount

Smile and tell me what love is. That’s what Mount Saint Vincent students were doing last week during the kickoff of their #LoveIsLove campaign. “We figure that’s the perfect way to celebrate everyone’s forms of love, no matter what it means to them,” said Ryan Nearing, a Mount student and campaign love ambassador. [...]

To cuddle or to snuggle?

When Mary Reid moved to Vancouver to work in the legal field, she had a difficult time finding someone to snuggle. “I had some bad encounters when I tried to find cuddle buddies,” she says. “Life is so busy and so on, I thought if I needed this service, probably a lot of other people would.” [...]

Dating with the stars

They say love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, but maybe it’s in the stars. A business in Halifax is renting out telescopes to couples as part of a new dating experience. The company, called goBE, is a web platform allowing users to rent out expensive pieces of equipment, including canoes, cameras, metal detectors, snowboards and telescopes. [...]