#selfiesagainsthunger aids food banks

The Chef Inspired Group of Restaurants is donating the $321 raised from their #selfiesagainsthunger campaign to Feed Nova Scotia – enough to distribute about 480 meals.

The month-long campaign, which ended last weekend, encouraged restaurant patrons to take pictures of their food, or themselves with their food, and post it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag     #selfiesagainsthunger.

The Chef Inspired Group – comprised of the eateries Habaneros, Cheese Curds, U-Pick-Fish, Gwelio, Lil Eatily and Gecko Bus – donated 50 cents for every post.

The group also held a contest for participants where it drew five names to win a taco-making kit.

Keith MacLeod, the campaign’s marketing and design coordinator, says the contest was made to raise money and promote the restaurants.

“People take selfies every day … so we thought it would be a fun way to make it interactive with our customers and kind of help promote our food too.”

He says that the Chef Inspired Group was “a little disappointed” about failing to meet its $500 goal.

But they’re using it as a learning experience to improve next year’s numbers.

Karen Theriault, director of development and communications at Feed Nova Scotia, says the donation is significant because with every $2 donation it can distribute three meals to food banks and shelters across the province.

“The impact is definitely significant for people who are really struggling now, because generally speaking people are feeling the cinch with higher food costs,” she says.

“And if you’re already living on a really low income then it’s even more difficult, so those meals become even more important.”