Dal biologists fish for government support

In the wake of climate change, many tropical schools of fish are migrating northwards to Nova Scotia’s colder waters, causing fishermen to change the way they monitor their catches. “There are local temporary benefits of the changing water temperatures because there are more fish locally,” says Rebekah Oomen, a Dalhousie University PhD student in biology. However, with a larger variety of fish, “the ecosystems are becoming unstable and unpredictable,” says Oomen, who is now based in Arendel, Norway, where she is researching Atlantic codfish. [...]

Winter patio tests the ice in Halifax

With another Atlantic winter keeping Haligonians cowering at home, some people are pushing to get outside and pull up a seat to the bar. Fire & Ice — a fully-winterized outdoor bar — opened Dec. 5 at The Bicycle Thief restaurant. The Bishop’s Landing establishment is hoping to get people alfresco with their luxurious furs, fiery torches and warm cocktails. [...]