Dhamija’s delicious deliveries

Shivani Dhamija walks out the door of her home in Clayton Park West and places a large grocery bag in the back seat of her car. It’s a cloudy Monday morning and a light rain is coming down. As she pulls her car out of the driveway, the smell of freshly cooked “aloodum,” or potato curry, and “chapatis,” an Indian bread, fills the inside of her vehicle. [...]

Cravings for a good cause

One Halifax restaurant is trying to help end hunger in Nova Scotia. Krave Burger, located on Spring Garden Road under the Pizza Delight, donates 10 per cent of its earnings from a designated combo meal to a local charity each month. The proceeds of the current combo will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia, which distributes food to about 150 food banks and meal programs throughout the province. [...]

Old is new again in Halifax

The Resolutes Amateur Athletics Club is Nova Scotia’s oldest members only club, in business since 1901. Membership costs $10 per year. For the frequent sports bar attendee, the fee pays for itself after just one or two visits. The club is not for profit, meaning that drinks and food are cheap — a pint of beer is $4 and nothing on the menu costs more than $10. [...]

Winter bites

For most, shopping local means hitting up the farmers’ market on the weekend, especially in the summer. During the winter months many head indoors to the grocery store, but Halifax has a lot of local food to offer. Fresh vegetables, bread, meat, cheese and even beer are available across the peninsula. Those sad looking grocery store doughnuts can stay there. [...]

Editorial: All signs point to divestment

In a few years, Irving Berlin won’t be the only one dreaming of a white Christmas. According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency, 2014 was the hottest year on record across the globe in 120 years. Though different climate institutions use different data sets and have varying results, it is increasingly impossible to ignore the trend. We’ve witnessed flooding in the Maritimes, tropical weather in the west and flip-flopping temperatures elsewhere across Canada. If you still think climate change is a myth, it’s time to wake up and smell the (impending) catastrophe. [...]

Nova Scotians fight for healthy environment

A new movement is sweeping through communities across Canada. Environmentalists, human rights activists, politicians, lawyers and more have joined together to fight for the right to a healthy environment. This includes the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, consume safe food, access nature, know about environmentally harmful pollutants and have more participation in governmental decisions that affect the Canadian environment. Led by the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice Canada, an environmental law charity, the movement is known as the Blue Dot. [...]