Memorable encounters come alive

Exhibit at Public Archives shows off veteran photographers’ work


A gallery of images from three veteran photographers is on display at the Nova Scotia Public Archives.

The Memorable Encounters photo exhibit at the Chase Gallery highlights photography assignments from Jim Clark, Albert Lee and Gary Castle.

Clark shares photographs of the heavyweight boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Trevor Berbick in 1981, which took place in Nassau, Bahamas, where the Halifax-based Berbick won.

These photos presented a slide of action shots and told the story about the fight.

Jim Clark took photos at the Muhammad Ali-Trevor Berbick fight in 1981 (Photo: Shelby Banks)
Jim Clark took photos at the Muhammad Ali-Trevor Berbick fight in 1981 (Photo: Shelby Banks)

“I certainty want to show some of these photographs because they are getting pretty old, 35 years since I took them in 1981, so eventually my kids are going to look back and see these photos and understand who Trevor Berbick was,” he said.

Castle showed the most personal work, presenting a timeline of 22 black-and-white portraits of various artists which he is personally close with and who he has met along the way of his photography career.

The last photographer that was presented at the exhibit was Albert Lee who showed off his photography assignments.

Lee currently lives with his wife in Hertfordshire, UK.

He has also traveled to Singapore and Malaysia to continue his photography.

“The three of us all worked together back in the day so I thought it would be cool to have all three of us in the same exhibition,” says Clark.

Although Clark says not many people come see the exhibit, it’s still a good feeling to have their photographs out for the public.

“Not many people do come and see the exhibit.  I always think about that, who is going to come besides your friends and the people that you work with?  It is a hit and miss,” says Clark.

“But every photographer likes to see his work brought out of the dust and have it put up there once in a while.”

The Memorable Encounters exhibit runs until Feb. 26. The gallery on University Avenue is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.