Fans bond over the bowl in Halifax


Khaled Mansour looked forward to Super Bowl Sunday for weeks, and not just because of the game.

“It’s not just about the football. There’s a lot of planning that goes into throwing a decent Super Bowl party,” says Mansour, 25. He looks at the spread of snacks on the table, next to a fully stocked bar.

As Super Bowl 50 kicked off last weekend, fans gathered in cities across North America to watch the Denver Broncos trounce the Carolina Panthers, winning with a score of 24-10.

Mansour and his friends spent the entire season sorting through statistics to perfect their fantasy teams and betting on Pro-Line lottery tickets. If a game was on, the couch was reserved for the night.

“Whether you’re a football fan or not, football is something that brings my friends and I together once a week, usually more during the season where there are multiple games a week,” he says.

He says there are too few sports bars in Halifax to find enough room to accommodate a large group of friends.

“Your best bet is to fill a living room with friends, snacks and beer and enjoy the show.”

“I came for the food, the commercials and the halftime show,” says Mansour’s girlfriend, Kelly Daley, “The Super Bowl is not just for football fans. Especially when Beyoncé is taking over the halftime show.”

Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars took the stage for the first-ever Super Bowl halftime show performed during daylight. While the lights may not have shone as bright against the sun, the performers certainly did.

“It honestly wasn’t the most exciting game of football I’ve ever seen,” says Austin Morisson, a party-attendee. “That halftime show was incredible. Whoever thought to put Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Coldplay all on stage at once is a genius.”

The group at Mansour’s McLean Street party were in agreement that a highlight of this year’s Super Bowl was the pre-show featuring every player who has ever won Super Bowl MVP, including Payton Manning, Jerry Rice, and Tom Brady. This year the award went to Denver Bronco outside linebacker, Von Miller.

“It just got me super pumped up about the game to bring out all the unreal players, most of who are retired,” says Morisson, “I’ve been watching the Super Bowl for my entire life and these guys are my idols.”

Chloe Squance. a waitress at Your Father’s Moustache on Spring Garden Road, says Sundays aren’t usually a busy day for the bar, but Super Bowl night was non-stop.

“The place filled up early. Any spot with an angle you could see a T.V. from was occupied,” she says. “People claimed their spots way before the game even was close to starting.”

“People were in great spirits. I love to see people who you know were complete strangers before the game have something in common to bond over.”