Dartmouth bakery not-so-sweet

Move over, Cake Boss – here comes the kinky cake boss.

The Temptress Bakery in Dartmouth specializes in “naughty” cakes designed for Valentine’s Day, bachelor parties and birthdays.

Susan Beaton and Melissa Sutherland co-own the business, making cakes in the shapes of penises, full bodies of women and everything sexy in between.

Beaton says she came up with the idea after watching the TV show Wipeout, where contestants compete in a series of challenges designed to make the majority of people fall or “wipeout” in a hilarious fashion.

“They nickname the people on the show and one of them was nicknamed the naughty baker,” said Beaton. “I googled ‘Naughty Bakery in Halifax’ and there was none. So I started one.”

Beaton founded the company four years ago and Sutherland joined a year ago, when the business got too hectic for just Beaton.

Melissa Sutherland and Susan Beaton are the co-owners of Temptress Bakery. (Photo: Ben Cousins)
Melissa Sutherland and Susan Beaton are the co-owners of Temptress Bakery. (Photo: Ben Cousins)

Beaton has no formal training in cake building. Sutherland, on the other hand, took some classes and had been making cakes professionally.

“I’ve been doing bakery, just normal cakes –not the naughty aspect of it– for a while and my cousin wanted to make a boob cake for her boyfriend and I said, ‘Well, I’ve never made a boob cake before, but sure.’ So I made it,” said Sutherland.

A full body cake takes about two hours to make. One hour for the baking, another hour of decorating.

Sutherland is a stay-at-home mom and uses the bakery for extra cash while Susan has a seasonal job that allows her to work at the bakery full time for parts of the year.

Nothing is off limits for the Temptress Bakery; their only request is that customers give them three days’ notice before the cake needs to be delivered.
The bakery has spikes in business during the holidays and again in spring, when it is bachelorette party time.

“Valentine’s Day is good. We get busy in the spring when there’s weddings and there’s a lot of stagettes.”

“Christmas, not that busy. Funny eh? Nobody wants a boob cake at their Christmas dinner,” said Beaton.

Beaton and Sutherland say after they do one cake for someone, people come back asking for cakes for other events, like weddings and kids’ birthdays, which is not their style.

“After you do a penis cake for them, they say ‘well can you do Snoopy?’” said Beaton.

Temptress Bakery has never made a cake they couldn’t handle and the are no restrictions.

“I’ve never backed down from a cake. I’ll just try my best, even if it takes me all night, I’ll just do it,” said Sutherland.
Beaton says the weirdest cake she ever had to do was for a comic book shop that had a contest to draw in new artists. She was tasked with recreating part of a character for the contest.

“In this comic there was a character who was castrated and he carries that thing around with him, so I did that,” said Beaton.

They do about four big cakes a weekend and sell a lot of cupcakes year-round.
The largest cake sells for $80 and the smaller naughty cupcakes go for $30/dozen.

Temptress Bakery specializes in naughty cakes and cupcakes. (Photo: Ben Cousins)
Temptress Bakery specializes in naughty cakes and cupcakes. (Photo: Ben Cousins)

“We try to keep the price point at an attainable level because … very often they’re planting their face in it or there’s something terrible going to happen to that cake,” said Beaton.

“They make these for babies, right? Smash cakes …. These are adult smash cakes. They just get destroyed, guaranteed,” said Beaton.
For orders and to see other examples of their work, go to temptressbakery.com.

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  1. i have had a couple cakes made from this company. I have no regrets and am extremely recommending them to anyone. I will be ordering from them again very soon hopefully if any occasion occurs. Thank you so much for the cakes that you have already made for me.

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