Nova Scotians fight for healthy environment

A new movement is sweeping through communities across Canada. Environmentalists, human rights activists, politicians, lawyers and more have joined together to fight for the right to a healthy environment. This includes the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, consume safe food, access nature, know about environmentally harmful pollutants and have more participation in governmental decisions that affect the Canadian environment. Led by the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice Canada, an environmental law charity, the movement is known as the Blue Dot. [...]

Warm weather makes par

Golfing in December is becoming the norm in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. What was once a time for hot cocoa and skiing is now a time for hitting the links in almost springtime conditions. “We usually close by the last week of November, but if the conditions stay decent, we stay open,” said Osbourne Ward, owner of Eagle Crest Golf Course in Centreville, near Kentville. The course was open until Dec. 29 this year. “The only day we closed was Christmas day,” said Ward. They hosted 110 people on Dec. 28 and all 44 carts were rented out. [...]