Single Valentine’s videos

Let’s face it – Valentine’s Day is not for everyone and romance films become even more over-the-top at this time of year. This week we review five films that, despite some romantic elements, will not make you want to upchuck from all the love. Kill Charlie Countryman is a 2013 psychological romantic comedy-drama starring Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood and Mads Mikkelsen. [...]

Celebrate love at the Mount

Smile and tell me what love is. That’s what Mount Saint Vincent students were doing last week during the kickoff of their #LoveIsLove campaign. “We figure that’s the perfect way to celebrate everyone’s forms of love, no matter what it means to them,” said Ryan Nearing, a Mount student and campaign love ambassador. [...]

Queer culture online and off

Monika Landry thinks of herself as a shy person. She also identifies as a queer woman. When she was first coming out, it seemed too overwhelming to do “in real life.” So she turned to the Internet. It “kind of gave me some starting point to start feeling comfortable,” Landry says. “And then that’s how … I got the guts to go to in-person events.” [...]

Play safe this Valentine’s Day

Pop culture tells us the week up to Valentine’s Day should either involve a scramble for restaurant reservations, or eating pints of ice cream in bed.Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights has another idea. “Everybody’s mind is on romance and sex at this time of the year … we deal with the other side of the coin,” says John Britton, the executive director of the Halifax Sexual Health Centre. [...]

Haligonians get their kink on

The We-Vibe, designed by ex-Nortel telecommunications engineers Bruce and Melody Murison, is a hands-free vibrator shaped like a U or a C (depending on the angle) that has an external and internal motor, and allows for other things to be put inside the vagina. “Fingers, penis, dildos, cucumbers, whatever you’re into,” says Venus Envy employee Heather Chamberlin. [...]

To cuddle or to snuggle?

When Mary Reid moved to Vancouver to work in the legal field, she had a difficult time finding someone to snuggle. “I had some bad encounters when I tried to find cuddle buddies,” she says. “Life is so busy and so on, I thought if I needed this service, probably a lot of other people would.” [...]

Dating with the stars

They say love is in the air on Valentine’s Day, but maybe it’s in the stars. A business in Halifax is renting out telescopes to couples as part of a new dating experience. The company, called goBE, is a web platform allowing users to rent out expensive pieces of equipment, including canoes, cameras, metal detectors, snowboards and telescopes. [...]

Going the distance for love

Like narrowly missing the bus, or losing your luggage at the airport, being in a long distance relationship, for whatever reason, often elicits sympathy for the couple separated geographically. Erika Cole, a third-year commerce student at Dalhousie University, is bracing herself for this kind of sympathetic comforting from family and friends. [...]