How to cure a hangover

We’ve all been there: the pounding headache, the slight queasiness the unrelenting brightness of any and all lights. Yup, congrats, it’s a hangover. There are quite a few hangover remedies floating around the Internet: Sprite, chugging water and the ever-popular solution, a few Bloody Marys around brunchtime. It can be hard to figure out what will work and what’s a sham. [...]

Home is where the beauty is

Inspired by our theme of health, we decided to try out some homemade healthy beauty treatments to see if they were truly effective and worth the effort. All three treatments were made with products and supplies found in our kitchen, so grocery shopping and a trip to the drug store were not necessary for this endeavour. We broke each creation down and reviewed its quality in the aftermath of the trial-runs. [...]

A new class with a kick

It is not often that you see someone do a series of flips in the middle of a fight, let alone a handstand. But flipping was a common sight last week when Dalhousie’s Capoeira Club kicked off its first meeting with a quick skirmish. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art, often performed to the sounds of music and people clapping. [...]


Strap on your strap-ons and lace up your leather. For the seventh year in a row, the Everything To Do With Sex Show heated up Halifax last weekend. Exhibitors filled the Cunard Centre with boobs, bondage and bunnies (the vibrating kind) for three days. Events at the show included everything from seminars on anal pleasure, to a contest to see who could fake the best orgasm. [...]

Visualizing 50 shades of grain

With their new film, Dr. William Davis and director Jeremy Seifert want to inspire you to take back your health. This unlikely duo is working on a new documentary about the health effects of consuming wheat and grain products. “I do eat bread … soft and squishy … butter on top,” Seifert admitted. “I say all that to say that I’m coming at this as a bit of an outsider.” [...]

Staying healthy in the wintertime

Halifax’s winter weather may be ghastly, but your diet doesn’t have to be. During the cold winter months, Jessie Doyle says both good health and happiness are achievable, but only with the correct diet. Doyle is a registered holistic nutritional consultant and a co-founder of Fruition, a raw food bar located at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market on Marginal Road. [...]

Cold buster?

Don’t expect David’s Tea cold survival kit to help you survive your cold. The “Starbucks of tea” is marketing “Six teas to get you through cold season,” each offering a blend of ancient remedies, along with the cold survival kit, containing some of these “cold-fighting teas.” [...]

Tigers roar for mental health

The Dalhousie Tigers’ basketball teams played host to Make Some Noise night, an initiative designed to raise awareness about mental health. The men’s and women’s basketball teams faced off against the Memorial University Sea-Hawks in a pair of games on Saturday night. A portion of the proceeds from the two games will support mental health initiatives. [...]

Wanted: more midwives in N.S.

When Nicole Eddy was pregnant with her son, she knew she wanted to use a midwife. What she didn’t know was how difficult it would be – there is a shortage of midwives in Nova Scotia. A trained nurse, Eddy first learned about midwifery from one of her professors. Since having her son, Eddy has become chair of the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia. [...]

Hot yoga: healing or health risk?

Rumours about hot yoga being bad for your health have been circulating ever since a few years ago when it became a trendy way to stay fit. For those who have never tried hot yoga, it is practicing a series of yoga exercises, or postures, in a heated room. The practice originated in ancient India and the general hot yoga style is credited to Bikram Choudhury. [...]