Canadian bachelors hope to make finding love a reality

They came well dressed, excited and eager to fight over a woman they’ve never met.

Open auditions for the new reality show, The Bachelorette Canada, hit Halifax Tuesday at Four Points by Sheraton.

Show runner Keely Booth helped audition men for the show. She says there was no shortage of hopefuls at the Halifax audition.

Men at the casting call hope to be one of the 20 from across the country picked to fight for the affection of Canada’s yet-to-be revealed top bachelorette.

Booth says the premise of the show is finding true love for its heroine.

“It’s basically an epic romance,” says Booth. “It’s a fairytale spun under a wild, exotic, adventurous umbrella.”

But why look for love on reality TV?

One hopeful bachelor says he doesn’t want to leave any doors closed in the pursuit of love.

Caylen MacMullin sat alongside fellow hopefuls at the open call, unsure of what to expect during his audition.

“I’m here to experience whatever this experience is,” MacMullin said after he’d finished a drink to calm his nerves.

If MacMullin makes the cut, he will be sent on a series of exotic dates with the bachelorette.Throughout the competition men who don’t receive a rose are eliminated.

The last man standing just might get more. “Our ideal, fairy tale ending is a proposal,” says Booth.

He hasn’t seen many other reality dating shows, but believes it may be an easier way of getting to know someone due to being taken away from real life stress.

While MacMullin isn’t worried about whether or not he makes it on the show, he admits having butterflies in his stomach as he sat under the bright spotlight.

He was questioned about his family, past relationships and what he is looking for in a woman.

But what does it take to make it?

Booth says the show is looking for bachelors who are ready to fall in love and are open and honest with their feelings.

She says they also have to be up to the challenge of looking for love in front of the country.

“They’d have to have a keen sense of adventure because this is not an orthodox way of finding love.”

The series will premier on the W Network this fall.