Leah Collins Lipsett

Queer culture online and off

Monika Landry thinks of herself as a shy person. She also identifies as a queer woman. When she was first coming out, it seemed too overwhelming to do “in real life.” So she turned to the Internet. It “kind of gave me some starting point to start feeling comfortable,” Landry says. “And then that’s how … I got the guts to go to in-person events.” [...]

Play safe this Valentine’s Day

Pop culture tells us the week up to Valentine’s Day should either involve a scramble for restaurant reservations, or eating pints of ice cream in bed.Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights has another idea. “Everybody’s mind is on romance and sex at this time of the year … we deal with the other side of the coin,” says John Britton, the executive director of the Halifax Sexual Health Centre. [...]

Q&A with Willie Stratton

Boarding Party’s album Deserter was nominated for an East Coast Music Award last week. The album is up against four others for the Rising Star Recording of the Year award. This is Willie Stratton’s third album – he has a self-titled solo record and an EP, The River – but his first with the Boarding Party. The East Coast Post caught up with Stratton in downtown Halifax. [...]

Tuning into the perfect pitch

Marc Blouin, a recent graduate of the bachelor of music program at Dalhousie, felt like a celebrity in high school. “People would run up to me in the halls and sing a note and ask me what note it was,” he says. And Blouin would be able to name the note, every time. That’s because he has perfect pitch, a rare trait that enables an individual to identify any musical pitch by ear. [...]