Kelly O'Connor

Editorial: The science behind top 40 radio

Pop music can be hard to escape. You turn on the radio, you walk into a mall, it’s playing. As bad as it can be, it’s hard to deny. Even the music snobs in your life have probably danced to Iggy Azalea, or found themselves humming along to a One Direction song. Take, for example, Taylor Swift’s latest album, 1989. It sold more than a million copies in its first week. (I may or may not have been one of the million). [...]

Noise allowed at music library co-op

There’s finally a solution to that spare guitar lying around your house, collecting dust: donate it to the Halifax Music Co-op’s instrument library. Last fall, the co-op led a fundraiser and drive for the instrument library, raising nearly $9,000 and around 75 donated instruments, says John Bogardus, music and executive director of the co-op. [...]

Wanted: more midwives in N.S.

When Nicole Eddy was pregnant with her son, she knew she wanted to use a midwife. What she didn’t know was how difficult it would be – there is a shortage of midwives in Nova Scotia. A trained nurse, Eddy first learned about midwifery from one of her professors. Since having her son, Eddy has become chair of the Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia. [...]

N.S. vineyards weather the storm

Climate change is altering the face of an industry that is thousands of years old – winemaking. While climate change is proving challenging to many wine regions, it may actually bring some new opportunities to Nova Scotia’s vineyards. Tucked away in the Annapolis Valley is a burgeoning wine industry. The Winery Association of Nova Scotia counts 70 grape growers with 291 hectares of vines across the province. The industry is expected to flourish in the coming years. The provincial government reports Nova Scotia wine sales totaled almost $16.7 million last year. [...]