Deborah Oomen

Melodies for memory

At the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building in Halifax, Johanne Gallant walks down the hallway with a guitar on her back and a wagon filled with songbooks, shakers, spoons and a mandolin trailing behind her. Although she has a bachelor of music from Mount Allison University, she isn’t there to entertain. Gallant is a music therapist who works with veterans at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital. [...]

Visualizing 50 shades of grain

With their new film, Dr. William Davis and director Jeremy Seifert want to inspire you to take back your health. This unlikely duo is working on a new documentary about the health effects of consuming wheat and grain products. “I do eat bread … soft and squishy … butter on top,” Seifert admitted. “I say all that to say that I’m coming at this as a bit of an outsider.” [...]